Sable, in her forest on the North Carolina/Tennessee ridge line

Monday, March 20, 2023

Tail Stuck In A Door - New Construction


Tail stuck in a door

The Old Man would hang by his heels for a good photo. Thinks I should do the same. Hey, Old Man, did you stick my tail in between these doors? No, probably the guy who had a few too many beers at lunch before he installed these closet pull knobs. New construction shish, no need for inspections. I have only been hanging around in the Old Man's tool bag for a few weeks and even Baby Angel Unicorn has this figured out. OMG have I seen a few disasters. Interestingly, I have heard the old man call both newly constructed, hundred year old homes, and everything in-between "Lipstick on a pig". You do want to buy lipstick on a pig? RIGHT! If you don't check out 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Is The Oven Bake Burner Working?


Angel Unicorn here on a home inspection, with Nora Akers, checking out the gas oven bake burner. Yes, working fine. If Nora keeps sticking me near these flames I may loose my beautiful eye lashes. Nora, you can turn if off now. She said to book your oven check, and the rest of your house, at 

Sable Rocking In The Sunshine

 Diva Sable enjoys her matching designer rockers

Sable Rocking in The Sunshine

Sable in the picture window overlooking the goat pasture

Sable With Her Toys

Sable on the stair observing the birds
at the rear forest feeder

Sable Watching Birds On The Stair

Sable dancing in Mom’s flower box

Sable In The Flower Box

Sable visiting the Cherokee National Forest in her rear yard

Sable In The Corner Of The Cherokee National Forest

Sable packed ready to travel

Sable traveling in Dad’s Jeep
About 2 hours twice every week
She has traveled from the North Carolina mountains
 to the South Carolina Coast at Myrtle Beach. 
She is a traveling Diva Kitty 

Sable Riding In Dad’s Jeep

Sable spends more time on the mountain bed
than those who are supposed to sleep in the bed

Sable On Our Mountain Bed

Sable On Our Mountain Bed

Sable has bacon and eggs almost every day on the mountain

Sable Having Breakfast

Sable and the Unicorns 
introduced to her by the mountain rock fairies
I know, crazy

Sable And Her Unicorns 

Since we have crossed the bar
outside the realm of realty
meet Sable’s alter ego SUPER SABEL

Sable’s Alter Ego SUPER SABLE

Yep without doubt “The Old Man” has lost it
But aren’t we having fun?
Where do we go from here? 

Sable and Her Mountain Friends

Sable 🐈‍⬛ delivering one of her friends to the door to show off. Some survive, some don’t. Such is the rule of the wild, even if it is difficult for us to accept. Birds, chipmunks, lizards, baby rabbits, field mice, moles, God knows what is next. Waiting on a bear cub. Truth is it is the rule of life. The powerful abusing the weak to advance the life and success of the powerful. It is the circle of life. Irrelevant of your unwillingness to accept the truth we all participate in this cycle of life.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Angel’s Home Inspection Adventures - Exposed Electrical Wiring

Hi - I am Baby Angel Unicorn. I am “stuffed” in all of our home inspectors tool bags by “The Old Man”. Yes, there are clones of me. Some may be excited about that, others may not. I will do my best to win them over and provide you with important information concerning the possible condition of your home. Our goal is to teach you about issues having to do with function, safety, maintenance and other concerns about your home. If you are considering placing your home on the market you should first locate and consider addressing these issues. Even better to do so long before then. Some may help market your home and others prevent disparity in due diligence negotiations hopefully simplifying your transaction. Need help with condition, pre-listing or pre-purchase home inspections? Check out

Inspector Doug Simmons placed me in this kitchen cupboard saying there is something wrong here. Angel, can you find it. Hint, it’s yellow. My mane and tail have YELLOW!  Yellow, yellow, yellow, Oh, that wire is YELLOW! The wire matches my mane and tail. WOW, we match. Mama would be so proud. Hey Doug, that wire can’t be there can it? Well, obviously it is there and someone screwed up. Do you find lots of screw ups on the houses you inspect? Yes, Angel, unfortunately we find way too many. 

Simply stated if you can see electrical wiring anywhere in finished space, no mater the color, it is wrong. Even in unfinished space unless it is above six feet high or within the cavity of a stud wall through holes in the wood studs. In unfinished space, like a basement, it can’t be stapled on the under side of the exposed floor joist, it must be through holes drilled in the floor joist. 

Inspector Doug, why is this so? This wiring is subject to potential damage and must be protected. The last resource is called conduit and it can be a specific type plastic or steel pipe the wire runs through for protection. If the wire were to become damaged it could burn or electrocute someone, cause serious injury or a fire which could injure or kill the occupants of the home.

Wiring is allowed to be exposed in attics and crawlspaces secured by cable staples. 

Oh WOW Inspector Doug, I think we should put this in the report. Yes, Angel, a wise choice I think our client would desire to know this. 

Have you seen Diva Sable? She has no time for home inspections or electrical issues. She has been know to climb up attic pull down stairs where heating and air conditioning technicians were installing her new duct and heat pump system in the city. She loves to hide, be rambunctious and to roll in the dirt but can get up and almost immediately be clean. She loves sitting in her city condo talking to the birds outside and under the bird feeder on the mountain until the bear steals it again. That bear is a menace for bird feeders and kitties. She does not like cold, wet, windy or dogs. She loves deli roast beef, bacon and cookies. 

Sable, Professor April and Baby Angel Unicorn

GrandPam Freezing Her Ass Off For The Diva Kitty


Hello, it’s 39 degrees, sunny and beautiful as GrandPam is working outside, freezing her fingers and ass off searching for mountain land for a client, so the Diva Kitty doesn’t have to be outside alone. When it is windy or cold she prefers one of us outside with her. The old man can’t take it. Cold weather and bare fingers on a iPad Keyboard simply don’t cut it when you are old as dirt. Shortly we will take a walk to the ridge line and that will be short. Can’t sit on that ridge line in the cold and wind. Sable loves that walk and the ridge line where she and the old man encountered the bear. 

This is where we are on the North Carolina, Tennessee ridge line border adjacent to the desolate Cherokee National Forest living, in small house luxury, off of the grid. Later there will be a post on how we creatively manage that with two Diva’s in the house. 

Sables Breakfast


Catch That Tongue Action! 

Tail Stuck In A Door - New Construction

  Tail stuck in a door The Old Man would hang by his heels for a good photo. Thinks I should do the same. Hey, Old Man, did you stick my tai...